Fiqh of Activism

” The 40 hadith on the Fiqh of Activism”

Activism and civic engagement are increasingly discussed in the inner and outer circles of the American Muslim community.
This is a natural consequence of more than a decade of Islamophobia (since 9/11) and particularly after the election of Donald Trump as the 45th president of the United States based on a clear anti-Muslim, anti-Immigration campaign.It goes without saying that Muslims should seek guidance from the Quranic principles and prophetic tradition, and ensure that our activism supports our bigger picture of being vicegerents on earth, not as a reaction to a very specific political situation.This discussion is not only relevant to a Muslim audience, since the teachings of prophet Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him provide universal principles for all activists, community members, and agents of change.

Why do you need this course?

This course is of particular interest to the following audiences

  • MSA (Muslim Student Association) groups
  • An outreach committee in a masjid
  • An activist or a researcher who is interested in theories of social change and mobilizing people as taught by Islam
  • ANY man or woman who want to make this world a better place, with limited resources, peaceful methods, and universally agreed-on wisdom.


What to Expect

  • Interactive discussion on activism in the light of Islamic teachings
  • Deep dive into the fundamental theories of social change
  • Case studies on common challenges facing any student or community groups
  • A PDF booklet containing the 40 Hadith

Course Contents

  • The importance and virtues of Activism
  • The spirituality and sincerity of an activist
  • Priorities of Muslim activists
  • The objectives and scopes of activism
  • The role of the media
  • Controversial questions and issues


Outline of the 40 Hadith Collection:

Module (1): The Spirituality of an Activist; The WHY
Hadith 1.Begin with the End in Mind
Hadith 2.The Urgency of Activism
Hadith 3.Working Behind the Scenes
Hadith 4.The Destruction of One’s Deeds
Hadith 5.Courage Through Deep Connection with Allah
Hadith 6.Mercy to Mankind
Hadith 7.The Road Less Traveled
Module (2): Scope of Muslim Activism; The WHAT
Hadith 8.Resisting Corruption at all levels and by all means
Hadith 9.The Advice as a Core Islamic Value
Hadith 10.The highest level of Jihad: Speaking truth to power
Hadith 11.Removing Harm from the Streets
Hadith 12.Every Single Believer is Responsible
Hadith 13.We are All in the Same Ship
Module (3): Understanding the Priorities: The WHERE
Hadith 14.Winning the hearts
Hadith 15.Choose Your Battles
Hadith 16.The PR Image of Muslims
Hadith 17.Invest in the Media
Hadith 18.The Power of Reframing & Euphemisms
Hadith 19.Every Good Cause is Islamic
Hadith 20.Appreciating Good Qualities in Others
Module (4): Inside Your Team; The WHO
Hadith 21.The Scarcity of Leaders
Hadith 22.Avoid Worldly Standards
Hadith 23.Can I Ask for Leadership?
Hadith 24.Be Patient on People’s Drama
Hadith 25.Appreciate Each Talent
Hadith 26.Rights & Responsibilities of Leaders
Hadith 27.Handling Inner Politics & Differences of Opinion
Module (5): The Adab & Fiqh of Activism: The HOW
Hadith 28.The End Does NOT Justify the Means
Hadith 29.Dealing with Grey Areas
Hadith 30.Excellence: The DNA of A Muslim’s Work
Hadith 31.Verify Your Sources of Information
Hadith 32.The One Body
Hadith 33.Don’t burn Bridges
Module (6): Self-Care & Positive Attitude
Hadith 34.Invest in yourself
Hadith 35.Spread Positivity Contagiously
Hadith 36.Be Proactive & Plant Your Seeds
Hadith 37.The Victimology Mindset
Hadith 38.Work Life Balance & Protection From Burnout
Hadith 39.Small Deeds Like the Consistent Rain



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