كيف تحضر نفسك لمقابلة الفيزا في السفارة الأميركية – مهم جداً و محتوى جديد

كيف تحضر نفسك لمقابلة الفيزا في السفارة الأميركية – مهم جداً و محتوى جديد

What is the purpose of your USA visit?
Have you traveled to the United States before?
Do you have relatives in the United States?
Who will be sponsoring your visit?
Where will you be residing in the United States?
What does (the individual sponsoring your visit) do for a living, and how much do they earn?
How long has (the individual sponsoring your visit) been in the United States?
Which visa is (the individual sponsoring your visit) on?
Did (the individual sponsoring your visit) study in the United States?
What visa did (the individual sponsoring your visit) enter the United States on?
Is (the individual sponsoring your visit) married?
Does (the individual sponsoring your visit) have any children?
Will your spouse be accompanying you on your visit to the United States?
Why are you travelling alone? (This question is mainly asked when an individual travels alone to the United States.)
When do you plan to visit the United States?
What is the reason for travelling at that particular time?
What do you plan to do in the United States?
What are the places you wish to visit in the United States?
Have you booked your tickets?
Have you booked your return tickets and availed medical insurance?
What are the expenses you will be expecting to incur on this visit?
Have you travelled abroad before this trip?
How long will you be residing in the United States?
Why do you wish to stay for so long? Can’t you plan a shorter trip? (This question is usually asked when applicants have planned a trip for six months or more.)
What guarantee do we have that you will return to your home country?


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