Quran Word of the Day (12) Qadr

Laylat Al Qadr is commonly translated as the ‘Night of Power’; however the word Qadr has several other meanings:
1. Estimation and Determination.
Allah in his infinite knowledge knows and estimates things happening in the future, and in laylat Al Qadr He informs His angels what He has decreed for the people for this upcoming year.

2. Nobility and honor and dignity: since this is the night of the revelation of the noble Quran on the noble prophet by the noble angel Jibril

3. To Appreciate – in this Night Allah appreciates those who worship Him with more than 1000 months of worship.

4. Constriction and congestion (some scholars mentioned that due to the angels descending down upon the people).

5. Power: referring to the name of allah Al-Qadeer, the Lord with infinite power.


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