Please feel free to check a sample of the workshops that Dr. Hakeem has delivered over the past few years…
All can be customized to be a one-time event or a series of events, depending on the needs of the community.
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Thematic Tafsir & Tadabbor (Reflection) of the Quran

Whether the topic is about modesty, human rights, Muslim core belief (Akeedah), or time management, my favorite genre of lectures has to be based on the final testament, the Quran.
Please check my thematic tafsir blog article series, or some of my videos as a sample of such content..
Sample workshops:

  1. Fifty shades of modesty: Surah Al-Araf
  2. Surah Al-Hujurat and the Ethical foundation of Islam
  3. Surah Al-Hadid: Balancing act between materialistic & spiritual dimensions of our lives
  4. Parables from the Quran
  5. Surah Al Mulk: A journey in the Kingdom of Allah

The Had their Lives Ahead of Them

  • A Seminar about life, death, and afterlife planning from a Muslim perspective
  • How to best plan for your departure from this world by increasing your productivity and spirituality.
  • The material is directed towards the youth, high school and college age, but the content and depth is relevant for all young adults. ​
  • For more information and to bring this class to your community please see this link 

The 40 Hadith on
The Fiqh of Activism

Activism, civic engagement, and “getting out of our bubble” is increasingly discussed in the inner and outer circles of the American Muslim community.
It goes without saying that Muslims should seek guidance from the Quranic principles and prophetic tradition, and ensure that our activism supports our bigger picture of being vicegerents on earth, not as a reaction to a very specific political situation.
This discussion is not only relevant to a Muslim audience, since the teachings of prophet Muhammad PBUH provide universal principles for all activists, community members, and agents of change.
For more information about the class, please check this link

Seerah Night Live

The Seerah of Prophet Muhammad PBUH presents a walking example of the teaching of the Quran.

It allows us to take a closer look at the messenger of Allah as he delivered the message of God and he confronted all the internal and external challenges of his community.

This genre of lectures is not only about the story-telling aspect of the Seerah, but also covers activities, discussions, and modern-day examples to make your lives, hopes, and dreams follow the example of Muhammad PBUH..

This beautiful class can be customized to one event or to multiple events, according to the needs of the community.

The War Within Our Hearts

Based on Br. Habeeb and Sa’ad Quadri’s great book and its accompanying teachers’ manual,  the war within our hearts, this lecture or series of lectures discuss the real issues that Muslim youth face while providing relevant examples and actionable items to deal with them..

Titles of the lectures (all following the book chapter titles:

  1. Who Knows You Better? (Introduction)
  2. Lessons from Adam and Iblis (Lessons)
  3. Are My Intentions Alright? (Intentions)
  4. The Mirage Box (TV)
  5. In Da Club (Parties)
  6. Who Dat? (Lowering Your Gaze)
  7. Double Trouble (Drinking & Drugs)
  8. The Rhythm’s Gonna Get You (Music)
  9. Parents Just Don’t Understand (Parents)
  10. My Clique, My Crew, My Peeps (Keeping Company)
  11. Dress to Impress (Clothing)
  12. Bling Bling (Showing Off)
  13. Yo Mama is So… (Insulting People)
  14. Playa’ Haterz (Envy & Jealousy)
  15. I Got the Hook Up (Scamming & Cheating)
  16. Chats, Blogs, Facebook, Oh My! (Internet)
  17. The Deadliest Weapon (The Tongue)
  18. Fantasy World (Pornography)
  19. I Can’t Fight This Feeling Anymore(Suicide, Depression & Abuse)

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